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10 Ways to Display Your Products in Your Trade Show Booth

By May 9, 2019 No Comments

Whether you’re pitching physical products to other businesses or you’re trying to reach a wider consumer market, chances are—you’ve had a booth at a tradeshow. What is key, however, is the effectiveness of your product display. An effective, stylish product display goes a long way in making your booth the most memorable one.

If you’re looking for ideas to show off your physical products, you’re in the right place! We’re sharing our 10 favorite ways to display products in your next trade show booth. Let’s check them out.

1. Limit Your Offerings to Your Very Best Options

It can be tempting to bring samples of every product your business has to offer, but doing so means that you run the risk of a cluttered, uninviting booth. Instead of packing one of everything, curate a selection of your best sellers, up-and-coming new products, or key releases for maximum impact.

2. Utilize Lighting to Show Off Your Star Products

Just like the stars of the stage, the stars of your product line deserve the spotlight, too. There are a variety of lighting options to draw attention to your best products, including spotlights, colored lighting, and uplighting.

3. Consider Mounting Products

Mounting products can allow you to save space and place them prominently at eye level. If you have marketing graphics, diagrams, or other displays to accompany a product, mounting them to a vertical surface can create a cohesive, easy-to-view display.

4. Size Matters When Displaying Products

Taking size into account while determining how to best display products can make a huge difference. Large products look great when placed next to an informational display on a wall or kiosk. Small products can be made more visible by mounting them with diagrams or by using A/V displays to feature them in action.

5. Build a Set

Show off your products in a representation of where they are used, using props, booth architecture, lighting, and displays to help your visitors feel like they’re in the environment.

6. Consider Your Display Furniture

Do you use the same tired folding tables as everyone else? Or do you use custom-made displays that are tailored to highlight your products’ best features? Using display furniture that is unique can add appeal to your booth.

7. Stage a Demonstration

After all, what better way to show off your products than to show them in action? Set up a space to demonstrate your products to interested visitors.

8. Use Kiosks

Rather than lining your booth space with information, use kiosks throughout your space to maximize display space, create cohesive displays, and encourage visitors to move through your space.

9. Use Audio and Video

Technology can be used to your advantage to provide information about products and demonstrate them in eye-catching ways. Staging A/V displays with your products can keep your visitors engaged and remember your products.

10. Work with a Pro

Displaying your products to their best advantage is easy when you’ve got the professional design help of a product display team on your side. Our Las Vegas tradeshow exhibit services are here to help—whether you’re demonstrating your latest product to consumers or connecting with fellow business owners. Patriot Exhibit Services is ready to design and create a breath-taking booth for your next tradeshow appearance.

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